Sniper Bladeworks Brings New Field Trio to Kickstarter

Sniper Bladeworks recently launched a new Kickstarter they call the 2024: Field Project. The project is designed to bring a trio of affordable new Sniper Bladeworks knives to market.

UC Utility

There’s a tactical flavor to everything Sniper puts out, even when a traditional knife concept is the starting point, as is the case with the UC Utility, the fixed blade option amongst the new knives.

It’s pitched as a take on a drop point hunter, and its 4.3-inch blade, at heart, adheres to the lines of that ancient ancestor. However, the elongated tang, with its double finger grooves right beneath the edge, and pistol grip-style handle give the UC a look all its own. There’s even a bottle opener built into the spine on this one.

AP Tanto

The pistol grip ergonomics continue on the second knife (and, actually, on the third as well). The AP Tanto’s blade shape is, surprise surprise, a harpoon-ized American tanto. What is surprising is the blade length, which is just 2.28 inches. The small size and blade shape combine to make this one a dedicated everyday carry, but one with a bit of hard use knife chops; that sturdy tip could do a lot of piercing work through dense materials.


The TOG starts from a different historical referent: the elephant toe slipjoint. There’s not much traditional about this folder, however, which opens with a textured thumb stud and also locks up with a titanium frame lock.

The 3.63-inch blade does has the wide, spade-like silhouette of an old elephant toe, and, like the UC Utility, there’s a large finger groove beneath the blade that works in tandem with the actual handle to provide users with tons of control over the cuts this D2 working knife makes.

The 2024: Field Family is up on Kickstarter now. The project runs through December 16th and the knives will start shipping in January.

Knives in Featured Image: [left to right] Sniper BladeWorks AP Tanto, UC Utility, TOG

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