Buck Gives 110 and 112 Models EDC-Friendly Upgrades

Yet another Buck Knives line extension is hitting the market, in the form of Slim models for the 110 Folding Hunter and the 112 Ranger. These new EDC-friendly versions of famous Buck products come at the end of a long string of upgrades for both models.

The basic concept of the Slim models is simple: turn two of Buck’s most beloved folding outdoors knives into practical modern EDCs. Many people carry the 110 and 112 as is, but there’s no denying that modern knife design has moved away from the 5-8 oz. territory they occupy. “Buck’s traditional 110/112 lockback knives have been the cornerstone of our company for over 55 years and carry an iconic heritage,” says Buck’s Rachel Rogers. “They also carry considerable heft and require a sheath in most instances, which doesn’t lend itself to EDC.”

The Slim models are definitely slimmer, and the swap in materials from Ebony Dymondwood and brass to G-10, Micarta, or Nylon shaves off considerable weight. But the biggest advantages for modern users will likely be the inclusion of thumb studs for one-hand opening and deep carry pocket clips. Such modifications have been available on the secondary market for years but this is the first time they’ll be available from Buck in an unlimited production format. “We’ve heard the requests and have been aware of the demand for many years, but it finally became too loud to ignore,” Rogers explains. “Piggybacking the success of our 110/112 autos it just felt like the time was right.”

As we’ve come to expect, Buck has divided the Slim line into ‘Pro’ and ‘Select’ configurations. Both the 112 and 110 Slim Pros can be had with black G-10, or green or brown Micarta. Their blades are also made from S30V steel. Weight for 110 Slim Pro is 3.4 oz. and 2.8 for the 112 Slim Pro. The more affordable Select versions have Nylon scales (in one of four colors) and 420HC steel. The weights for 110 and 112 Slim Selects are 2.8 oz. and 2.5 oz., respectively.

Rogers tells us that Buck Knives was established well before there was such a thing as the EDC market. The company began by establishing a reputation among outdoorsmen. “Our roots are in hunting and our heritage isn’t something we want to stray from,” she says. However, the company recognizes the changing times and says that people looking for more everyday carry options from Buck will not be disappointed. “But our future in EDC is bright and these are just the first step toward bolstering that category.”

Knife featured in image: Buck Knives 110 Slim Pro