Victorinox Enhances Hunter Pro with Alox Scales and Pocket Clip

Victorinox has expanded the Hunter Pro line with the Pro M, which upgrades to Alox scales and benefits from the addition of a pocket clip.

The Hunter Pro is one of a small handful of Victorinox folding knife products that are not multifunctional. Designed as a dedicated, full-size pocket knife, it has a 3.87-inch blade made from Victorinox’s standard, proprietary steel. Also a one-hand opening knife, the Hunter Pro’s saber ground spear point blade deploys via a thumb hole. Its locking mechanism is a simple lock back, contained between ergonomically-sculpted handle scales. The new Pro M model also sports a lanyard hole and comes with a length of knotted paracord.

Adding the clip helps move the Hunter Pro in line with what modern users expect from their EDC knife. Many are fine carrying their pocket knives loose in a pocket or in a belt sheath (which were your options for the other Hunter Pro models), but a pocket clip is more or less expected on new releases, to the point that for many it isn’t considered a feature anymore. According to Victorinox’s Chris Costa, the clip helps shift the Hunter Pro M into more users’ EDC mindset. “Adding the functionality of a clip, and a removable clip, allows for greater accessibility as an everyday carry.”

Also, the transition to Alox makes the Hunter Pro M the thinnest version of the design yet, although it does some add some extra weight – about an extra ounce compared to the wood or Nylon-handled models. Costa tells us that the transition to this fan-favorite handle material wasn’t driven by mere practicality. Options and variants are important tenets for Victorinox, and the addition of the Alox-handled Pro M contributes to this ideal. “It’s not the change to Alox that brings the advantage, but rather an addition to a range of materials for person choice, expression and unique characteristics of each material.”

Although Victorinox has added clips to other models in their larger 111mm line, the feature is still somewhat of a rarity across the entire product range. Those who want pocket clips on their favorite Victorinox model have to turn to trained modders to have them added on. But Costa says that other models could get a pocket clip upgrade in the future. “The functionality and versatility by the addition of the clip are important product attributes,” he notes. “We will look at the success and appeal of this to study the addition of clips with other models.”

Knife featured in image: Victorinox Hunter Pro M

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