Buck Puts Out Fresh Batch of Remington Models

Buck is putting out the new for 2019 Remington Cutlery lineup. Buck acquired the Remington license in 2017 and this year is delivering a conservative lineup that offers a little bit of everything for potential users.

In terms of direction, the series still seems to be finding its feet. By and large the new models are eminently affordable, with only the new collector-oriented Bullet Knives hitting an MSRP over $40. It’s possible the new knives may make some converts, but knife nerds are unlikely to be enthusiastic about the prevalence of 420J2 blade steel in the lineup.

2019 Bullet Knives

Remington’s limited edition Bullet Knives come out every year in collectible trim, and this year collectors and would-be users are getting two different options to choose from. The overall pattern of these knives is a simple two-hand opening lockback knife, similar to the Buck 112. The drop point point blade length is three inches, and Buck outfitted the knives with their well-known 420HC recipe.

Last year, Buck offered the Bullet Knife in a red wood handle as well as elk. This year, the Bullet Knife is coming out with green DymaLux wood or ivory paper Micarta scales.

Heritage Series Traditionals

Last year Buck started the Remington Heritage series with three knives: two folders and a fixed blade. This year, the budding series is doubling size with three new traditional knives. The new knives adhere to three popular patterns: trapper, toothpick, and stockman. All three knives have 420J2 blade steel and the corrugated wooden handles that mark out the Heritage Series.

Three New Tactical Series

The Remington tactical line is also doubling in size for 2019. Three folders are being added in. Two models are assisted opening knives, both with blade lengths of 3.3 inches and 420J2 blade steel. The 30003 has a plastic handle and a combination edge blade, while the 30004 comes with a black oxide coated plain edge blade and a aluminum chassis. Finally, the frame lock 30007 leans hard into the tactical look, with a camo coating over its entire length and a partially serrated tanto blade.

EDC Line

Finally, two folders are being tapped for the Remington EDC line. The 50029 is the bigger of the two, with a 3.25-inch blade that can be opened with thumb studs or a flipper. The 50030 hits the sub-3 inch blade length for more restrictive areas or those who prefer smaller blades. Both these knives also have 420J2 blade steel.

Knife in Featured image: Remington Cutlery 30004