State and Union Breaks Out New Model 2 Fixed Blade

State and Union, the custom shop extension of KA-BAR, is releasing a new small batch fixed blade, the Model 2. Designed both as a fighter and all-purpose utility blade, the Model 2 is designed to stand as a statement of intent for State and Union.

“Although this design tends to fall in the fighter category, the Model 2 could fill just about all your cutting tasks without much trouble,” explains Bill Welling, who is a custom maker on his own as Up-Armored Knives, but also heads up State and Union alongside KA-BAR engineer Alex Caya. “Strapped to ruck or on your side, the Model 2 would make a great companion for our servicemen and women as well a day hiker or survivalist.”

The Model 2’s brings a bold trailing point-style profile to bear, with a 6-inch cutting edge. A harpoon-style swedge runs along more than half the spine, and the entire blade has been gone over with a stonewash finish. State and Union settled on popular all-arounder S35VN for the blade steel – the same steel they used on the Tuko, a limited edition 120th Anniversary KA-BAR release that came out last spring.

In keeping with the ready-for-anything ethos that informed the blade design, the Model 2’s handle is refined but simple. A large forward finger groove is the only real embellishment, with a curved section behind ending in a parrot beak. The handle scales on the full tang Model 2 are made from natural canvas Micarta, with titanium hardware keeping them in place. According to Caya, the handle was the hardest thing to get just right. “We ran into some issues with [it] but after making a few changes here and there we came up with our final design,” he notes. “We found the knife just feels right, and we believe anyone who gets their hands on it will feel the same.”

While the Tuko was designed by Ethan Becker and released under KA-BAR’s own label, the Model 2 stands as one of the first in-house State and Union designs to be made available. Welling tells us that the shop wanted to make this important release stand apart from the sorts of knives the parent company is known for producing. “With the Model 2, we wanted to release a knife unlike any other in the KA-BAR line,” he says. That meant something different and modern. “Something to say how unique the State & Union Shop can be from the traditional KA-BAR we all know and love.”

According to Welling, this year we can expect more from State and Union itself, as well see it make additional contributions to its parent label KA-BAR. “The shop is always busy assisting KA-BAR as well as releasing one-of-a-kind KA-BAR-style blades. However, our hopes is to have at least two other limited run releases in 2019.”

Knife in Featured image: State and Union Model 2