Bark River Releases Smaller Follow-Up to Popular Outdoors Knife

Bark River Knives is expanding a popular model line with the new Mini Tundra. Like its larger predecessor, this fixed blade marries elements of other popular BRK knives to craft a well-tuned, easy to carry outdoors tool.

The heart of the Mini Tundra is its blade. It borrows its profile from the BRK Canadian models, which recreate the shape of traditional Canadian belt knives. What that translates to on a visual level is an almond- or leaf-shaped oblong, turning the cutting edge into a mix of gentle curve and straight edge; the point acts like that on a spear point as it terminates into an acute point in line with the center of the knife.

The handle on the Mini Tundra is a classic BRK number, hearkening to the well-respected design on seen originally on the Aurora. It’s marked by gentle undulations and a pronounced but not overbearing butt end beak to keep the hand locked in place. As we’ve come to expect from the Escanaba, Michigan-based manufacturer, there are dozens of variations of the Mini Tundra to be had, with a bevy of both natural and synthetic handle materials to choose from.

In point of fact there isn’t a full-sized knife direct from Bark River called the Tundra. Its predecessor was produced BRK but released by Ambush Knives. This original, larger model had a 4.5 inch blade compared to the new Mini Tundra’s 3.95-inch one. It was also made from 3V blade steel, but when Bark River cracked open their massive metallurgical catalog for the smaller follow-up, they opted for Elmax – a steel that we have seen many popular BRK releases come dressed in, particular when it’s a design like the Adventurer that aims for all-around performance rather than ultimate toughness. In terms of cutting chores, the Mini Tundra is still flexible despite its size  – camp chores are not out of the question, nor are the more demanding tasks of an all-purpose outdoors knife.

BRK has equipped the Mini Tundra with a leather sheath, of a sort that will be familiar to owners of other BRK products. It weighs less than 4 oz. total.

Knife in Featured image: Bark River Knives Mini Tundra