CRKT Decks Out Crossbones in Premium Materials

CRKT is launching a new, premium version of the Jeff Park-designed Crossbones model. This high end iteration brings in luxe materials, an Italian manufacturer, and a limited production run.

The Crossbones model debuted several years ago and hit an interesting spot in CRKT’s lineup. Most of the company’s offerings occupy the budget-friendly end of the spectrum, but the Crossbones hit at a slightly higher price point than most CRKT knives. Its materials weren’t extravagant – AUS-8 steel and an aluminum handle – but it was something of a different beast to many of its stablemates. Perhaps because of this it went on to be a well-received, popular model. EDC knife, fidget friendly flipper, or affordable collectible – the Crossbones filled all three roles admirably.

In this fresh configuration, we’re seeing the original’s recognizable slender design kitted out with a different tier of materials and produced by an (unnamed) Italian manufacturer. The AUS-8 is swapped out for European M390 steel, which will provide a significant boost in edge retention. Accompanying the jump to a super steel is a switch to an all-titanium handle. The ‘crossbones’ milling from the original is still present and accounted for, and a new custom ‘x’ pivot (similar to that seen on the new Jumbones model) adds more piratical style to the knife. The final big change is the swap from a liner lock construction to a frame lock.

Otherwise, the design remains unchanged. That means a lanyard hole on the butt end, IKBS bearing pivot, and a short, loop over pocket clip for carry. The premium Crossbones is .4 oz. heavier than its predecessor, but with an overall weight of 2.8 oz. is still a slender, lightweight knife – especially considerings its 3.5 inch cutting edge.

CRKT seems to be showing an interest in variations on popular models. In December the Squid got a bump up in steel to D2, and the Pilar has seen no shortage of line expansions and sprint run-style exclusives.

The premium Crossbones has a price tag of $275. It is limited to just 500 pieces.

Knife in Featured image: CRKT Crossbones with M390 Blade Steel