Lionsteel Unveils Refined B-40 Bushcraft Knife

Lionsteel has just revealed a fixed blade, the B-40. The new knife is Lionsteel’s new contribution to the bushcraft arena and brings all the machining finesse the company is known for into this realm.

The specs of the B-40 fall right into the comfortable, “not-too-big, not-too-small” territory that many stout bushcraft knives occupy. Its blade measures 3.85 inches long, with a relatively linear drop point profile capable of able performance in outdoor chores.

Lionsteel made this blade out of the Sleipner semi stainless steel they implement on certain models. Sleipner is a Bohler-Uddeholm product and is most often compared to D2. According to internet steel wizard Gator at ZKnives, the comparison is valid, with Sleipner having been provided with a boost to toughness that should help it withstand the rough and tumble workload of an outdoors cutting tool.

As they did with the blade, Lionsteel took a refined approach to the ergonomics, with any sort of distracting flourish having been stripped away. Thus we see an unassuming but universal handle shape, mostly linear with a gentle swell in the middle. Lionsteel likes to crown their blade spines, but on the B-40 they left a portion flat at the butt end so that a fire rod can be struck against it to create sparks.

Users can choose between woods and synthetic materials for the handle: Olive or Santos, and G-10 or Micarta. All models have had their scales hit with a mild machining process that leaves a striated pattern cut into the material for a little extra grip. Finally, in terms of carry, Lionsteel unsuprisingly went with the classic choice: leather.

The B-40’s price is set at €160.

Knife in Featured image: Lionsteel B-40