Budget-Friendly Ivy Gets Added to Bestech Bouquet Series

Ostap Hel‘s Bouquet series is one of the most interesting of this very busy designer’s ongoing projects. The flower-inspired line gets its latest expansion soon in the form of a budget-focused G-10 version of the second-ever Bouquet release, the Ivy.

The original Ivy, released towards the end of 2020, was the second model in the Bouquet series, following on from the Tulip, which released a year prior. It couldn’t have been more different than that knife – or most folders, really – thanks to its blade shape, a modified hawkbill wherein the traditional hook-like arc of that pattern was toned down to widen its utility in everyday carry. Hel further differentiated his knife from others by outfitting it with a front flipper tab – the Ivy may be the only production front flipper hawkbill on the market right now.

The curve on the Ivy’s hawkbill is very mild

Well, now it’s one of two, as the G-10 Ivy keeps both the blade shape and the opening mechanism. It does change up the steel to lower the price, however; instead of S35VN, Bestech rendered this one in 14C28N a trusty, all-purpose European stainless steel. 14C28N may not see the amount of stage time that D2 does in the budget knife arena, but it seems to be gaining some traction and is, as we’ve written elsewhere, if not strictly better than that venerable semi-stainless, a good alternate choice for those who are willing to trade some edge retention for a fully stainless designation.

But the most immediately noticeable change here is the handle material. Instead of the full titanium scales on the original, the 2024 Ivy goes for steel lined, G-10 slabs. That means a liner lock instead of a frame lock, and it also allows for a wide range of color options; Bestech is offering this one in no less than six colors. The alterations do also make this one a bit heavier but, at 2.79 oz., few if any will actually be complaining.

The G-10 Ivy will be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech G-10 Ivy

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