Button Lock Appears for the First Time in Main Bestech Line

Up and coming designer Keanu Alfaro is back for another round with Bestech. This time they teamed up to release the Glok, a work-ready design equipped with the first ever mainline Bestech button lock.

If you’ve been following Alfaro’s growing portfolio, you’ll notice the Glok falls right in line with his particular style, defined by an overall penchant for cleanliness elevated by bold lines and shapes; a blend that results in knives with a natural charisma that exists over and above the bare specifications – which themselves are well-tuned for work.

In particular, the Glok sees Alfaro evolving the traits on his first Bestech collaboration, the Titan. Despite that prior release’s name, however, the Glok is markedly bigger, with a blade length of 3.54 inches. Back in March 2022 we described the Titan’s blade as a cross between the American and Japanese-style tanto blades; the Glok, meanwhile, has a Sodbusterish bullnose drop point, but it’s paired with a secondary grind near the tip, so there’s still a bit of the tanto flavor here.

The secondary grind on the Glok’s blade

Blade semantics aside, the Glok is obviously a mid-sized workhorse, with 14C28N stainless steel on tap to keep its performance metrics in an enthusiast-friendly place at what will presumably be a wallet-friendly price point. Opening is achieved through an elongated, rectangular thumb plate, so the Glok is just about as lefty-friendly as the Titan, which utilized a flipper instead.

Alfaro’s penchant for simple handles means the most notable feature of the Glok’s handle is the locking mechanism. It’s a button lock, and it works like many others on the market, with the blade released as the plunger is pressed. This is actually the first mainline Bestech knife with the mechanism, although another Alfaro design, the Goodboy, appeared with a button lock under their budget Bestechman label.

The Bestech Glok is here now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Glok

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