GiantMouse Jagt Updates Hunter Concepts with Fresh Design

It’s a big day for new knife releases. First, Vosteed dropped the Thunderbird, and now GiantMouse is readying the Jagt for a release later today. Although it has classic EDC dimensions the Jagt was designed to be an ergonomic hunting knife.

The Jagt’s 3.27-inch blade both emulates the skinner-style drop point blade shapes of yore (the tip is dropped to keep it from puncturing organs during skinning) and benefits from the creative spice of Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnae’s particular flair. Its broad too, so durability will be high, and that is further bolstered in that regard thanks to the MagnaCut steel blade. GiantMouse jumped on the stuff pretty quick and seems to be ramping up the super popular super steel’s presence in their lineup; could it end up being their standard steel of choice?

The Jagt comes in a high visibility orange option too

Either way, the Jagt opens two ways. There’s a spineside flipper with a low profile, squareish tab; once the blade is open it flows perfectly and subtly out from the edge of the guard. Then, on the blade itself, there’s the ambidextrous opening cutout, a staple in the GiantMouse lineup. The good old ceramic bearing pivot, once a rarity only on the most luxurious of knives, now a staple across many manufacturers, is here too to provide a smooth, stable opening experience.

More proven GiantMouse elements are in the handle, which spare and slim, with a single, cleanly cut finger groove under the guard, locking in the finger and providing access to the liner lock. The scales on top of this slender frame can be made from green or black canvas, or, in keeping with the outdoors remit here, high-viz orange. There’s one more recurring cast member present on the Jagt, and that’s the reversible deep carry wire pocket clip.

The Jagt is going up for sale later today, Thursday October 26th, on the GiantMouse website.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Jagt

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