Vosteed Thunderbird Brings Trek Lock and Multiple Deployment Methods

Vosteed’s latest design is rolling out in a small batch later today. The Thunderbird sees the team at Vosteed building a new, multipurpose knife around their patented Trek Lock mechanism.

3.25 inches: it’s one of those golden numbers in the everyday carry knife world. When you see something in this size you know, more than likely, you’re going to get an EDC knife with expanded capabilities, but with an overall profile that is still highly pocketable. The M390 super steel used on the Thunderbird isn’t the newest recipe (it even has an updated sequel, M398), but, given that we’ve entered a golden age in terms of steel options at all price points, even steels that aren’t the latest and greatest are still pretty great, and so M390 can still hang in the enthusiast tier in terms of performance as far as we’re concerned.

There’s another steel option on offer in two of the six configurations, and that’s Elmax. Whereas M390 has been a constant presence in the knife world Elmax, a peer of M390’s generation-wise, has always kept a lower profile. That being said, like that other Bohler-Uddeholm formulation, it is still a very high performer, especially excelling in an everyday carry role where edge retention and stain resistance take priority over toughness for the most part.

The Thunderbird packs in both kinds of flippers

As it continues to flesh out its lineup, the relatively young Vosteed has been experimenting with blade shapes outside of the usual stuff. Its two RS KnifeWorks collaborations, the RSKAOS and Morel, both showed off unconventional shapes and grinds. Even Vosteed’s very first release, the Nightshade, did something out of left field in reviving the Shilin Cutter blade profile. Here on the Thunderbird, Vosteed implemented a traditional Japanese-style tanto, with a much more gradual transition between main and secondary edges; and they went the extra step of utilizing a compound grind, with the secondary portion noticeably beefier than the main edge.

The Thunderbird’s neat, angular handle houses the Trek Lock, a button lock-style mechanism that allows for multiple deployment methods – three of which are on offer here: a front flipper, a back flipper, and an opening hole oval. The four topographical G-10 handle scale options are the ones with M390, while the titanium flavors are both Elmax.

The Thunderbird will be hitting the Vosteed site today, Thursday October 26th, at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific.

Knife in Featured Image: Vosteed Thunderbird

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