Peña X-Series Sicario Arrives Later This Week

Premium production fans take note: there’s a batch of Enrique Peña‘s X-Series Sicario model on the way this week. The Sicario, which Peña describes as a project he’s been working towards for a long time, is a large but lean front flipper, ready for anything from elegant EDC to XL work chores.

A knife maker, like any artist, evolves over time. Past work can influence new work directly, or indirectly through sheer accumulation of experience and know-how. Peña says that he arrived at the Sicario’s slender, elegant, badass look slowly. Talking up the Sicario, which is Peña himself’s daily carry, on an Instagram post, Peña said that it was “[a] design I believe is the culmination of years and years of knife making and design coming together for me.”

The Sicario alongside a Bravo

Peña goes on to label the Sicario a “fighter style front flipper,” with a blade length north of 3.5-inches. The blade shape is a long, lean drop point, and it’s made from M4 steel – which, in addition to that blade length, is another indicator of this knife’s “big chore” capabilities. The front flipper works just as it has on other Peña projects: roll the thumb over the extended front tang, and the pressure and ceramic bearing-powered pivot will do the rest.

Many of Peña’s knives, custom and production, employ elements of traditional knife design; that part of the Sicario’s heritage comes through most clearly in its spare, slim handle shape. Material-wise, you’ve got the expected and very welcome all titanium frame, with the frame lock capped by a steel insert to keep it working like new for years and years. There are many options for the inlays (which do appear on the front and back scales by the way), including Micarta and glitzed up Fat Carbon carbon fiber.

The Sicario will be available this Friday, October 27th, at 12pm Central/1pm EST.

Knife in Featured Image: Peña Knives X-Series Sicario

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