Bystanders with Blades Come to the Rescue in Separate Incidents

This week, people carrying knives made a difference in opposite sides of the country in two very different circumstances.

Tuesday: Bystander with Blade Thwarts Car Jacking in Santa Barbara

On Tuesday, a man in Santa Barbara came to the rescue when he heard a woman screaming. According to the Santa Barbara police, the Good Samaritan approached 2 attackers who were trying to wrench the woman out of her car.

The bystander began a fight with one of the suspects and when the second suspect approached to join the fight, the bystander pulled out a black folding knife according to police. Both suspects fled, but not before one of the suspects sustained a slash to his arm.

Monday: Massachusetts Resident Cuts Woman’s Skirt Stuck in Moving Escalator

On Monday, a Jamaica Plain Massachusetts resident used her pocket knife to free a woman when her skirt got caught in a moving escalator. Jamaica Plain News reported that the victim was drunk and a little tired when she and her belongings scattered over the escalator. “I had to pull out my pocket knife to cut her out,” said the woman carrying the pocket knife. “.. then she went her way and I went mine.”

Safety Research & Strategies Inc. estimates that worldwide there are 60 escalator fatalities each year. The US alone accounts for 25 deaths and approximately 10,000 injuries – serious enough that the victim requires a visit to the ER. “The real danger is when a piece of fabric or a shoelace is pulled in and won’t break, because the person isn’t strong enough to tear it away,” explains Lee Freeland of Elevator World Magazine.

At the greatest risk are young children and the elderly because the most grave cases involve a trip and fall. When people are trapped or chocking, helpless bystanders can do little but plead with passers-by to borrow a pocket knife.

“As long as it’s easily accessible, a knife could be something that could save your life,” said Freeland. “I carry one all the time, and find it useful for all kinds of circumstances.. my wife carries one too, I talked her into it – you never know when you might need it”.

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