“Carrying a knife is disgraceful and it’s cowardly,” UK Top Cop Says

On the heels of the February murder of a 19-year-old; Michael Manley, Chief Superintendent for Nottinghamshire Police is urging young men to turn in their friends who carry a knife.

“If people know their friends are going out armed with a knife, I want them to challenge them. Carrying a knife is disgraceful and it’s cowardly,” Manley told the Hucknall Dispatch.

Manley went further saying that even being in the presence of a friend carrying a knife could land you in hot water. “These people will end up getting caught up in an investigation and are risking their futures by not having the courage to stand up and say it’s wrong.”

In July, the UK’s ‘two strikes and you’re out’ rule came into effect where UK residents face an automatic 6 months jail term if caught carrying an illegal knife for a second time. Here is a list of knives that are illegal to carry in the UK. Though, the website says that this “is not a complete list”.

In contrast to the UK, in the U.S. knife laws are being eased across the country thanks in large part to Knife Rights and its founder Doug Ritter. In this interview at BLADE Show, Ritter said “knives are a tool used by millions of Americans everyday at home, at work, [and] recreationally.”

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In August, KnifeNews reported the story of Chad Speer, a good samaritan who was carrying his Case Yellow Trapper pocket knife and was able to save a woman from drowning by cutting her seatbelt.

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