CAS Creates Bigger Black Bull Knife for Blade Show

CAS Knives, the Argentinian outfit known for bold custom fixed blades, is bringing the Black Bull Super Reloaded to Blade Show next month. This knife scales up an existing CAS model into a truly epic size class.

The Black Bull Super Reloaded (BBSR) is a sequel to a sequel, in a way. The original Black Bull was a 10 inch-bladed, recurve fighter in the recognizable CAS Knives style. Last year, they took a premium custom knife and gave it a twist. “We did the Black Bull Reloaded, which has the same measurements as the original BB, but in Damascus, with a fuller on the blade, a carbon fiber handle, and a blued steel guard,” explains Claudio Sobral, one third of the team at CAS Knives alongside brothers Ariel and Marcelo.

That’s where the BBSR comes in. “The Super Reloaded is the same as the knife from last year, but with a 13″ Blade, which is giant, not only for the length but also for the width of the blade,” Sobral tells us. Although the cutting edge has been scaled up the handle retains the flowing facets and finger groove-oriented handle design as its less beefy predecessors.

The BBSR will be on display at Blade Show next month. Sobral tells us that it makes sense for CAS Knives to break out adventurous designs for this mid-year event. “It is a great event, our year is divided into before and after Blade.” The trip to the States helps them stock up on material for the rest of the year too. “We also use the shows for the purchase of supplies that, being in Argentina, it is sometimes difficult to get.” Sobral indicates there will be other fresh patterns from CAS on display in Atlanta next month. “We have been designing and working very hard on new Bowies and Fighters that we will present in Blade.”

Knife in Featured image: CAS Knives Black Bull Super Reloaded