Emerson Dials Up CQC-15 for New XHD Release

Emerson Knives has indicated that they will be releasing a limited edition run of the CQC-15 in a beefed up XHD variant.

The XHD version of the CQC-15 retains the 3.9-inch blade of the original. That blade was originally designed as a combination of the Commander‘s recurve blade and the reinforced tip strength of the classic CQC-7B tanto. On the XHD model, blade stock has been amped up considerably from .125″ to .156″, and EKI also implemented a coarser-textured G-10 and the same hefty, knurled titanium backspacer we’ve seen in the XHD line before. Blade steel jumps from 154CM to S35VN. The tweaks and dimension adjustments to the CQC-15 design mean that, while the cutting edge has remained consistent, the overall package is about a fifth of an inch longer overall.

Like XHD Commander before it, the CQC-15 also brings another improvement over the standard line. The original CQC-15 could be waved or opened with a thumb disk, but the XHD now also incorporates a flipper tab and ball bearing pivot for a third option. For the locking mechanism, EKI went with its tried and true liner lock, albeit outfitted with a steel tab to function as the actual interface between lock and tang – something more commonly seen on titanium frame locks, but that could theoretically boost the strength of this already overbuilt folder even more.

Emerson has yet to disclose the precise release date for the XHD CQC-15, but says they are planning for early next week. If you decide to pick up this limited edition model it will set you back $589.95.

Knife in Featured image: Emerson Knives XHD CQC-15