Change in Knife Laws Prompts HHA Gen II Flipper Overhaul

Australia’s Hardcore Hardware is implementing a major 2017 update to their MILSPEC Folder (MILF) model. Changes abound from top to bottom and include a flipper tab to celebrate the change in Australian knife law, and three additional blade shapes.

“Perhaps the most significant change from Gen I to Gen II is the addition of a flipper,” says Jonathan Loftes, CEO of Hardcore Hardware (HHA). The Gen I MILF debuted at SHOT 2015, but legislation prevented HHA from making it a flipper. In December of that year, the Australian laws changed. “We were legally permitted to manufacture and sell flipper folders,” Loftes explains. He knew the next generation of the MILF needed to incorporate this favorite feature, and now all four Gen II models flip out on phosphor bronze washers. A removable thumb stud fits into any of the three holes cut into the blade.

The Gen I MILF sported a recurve blade shape to crank up its cutting ability. But according to Loftes, while customers appreciated the performance they asked for additional options for easier field sharpening. Now in addition to the recurve original, the Gen II lineup encompasses tanto, drop point, and wharncliffe options – all made from S30V steel and all 3.4 inches long. “We have included a range that caters to the broadest selection of our client base,” Loftes says. “This includes military, Law Enforcement, emergency/rescue, and outdoor enthusiasts. With respect to the blade profiles, all are designed with utility in mind with hard use at the top of the list.”

MILF Series - G10

HHA never tread lightly. The stainless steel frame lock Gen I MILF was a chunky knife, but they’ve bulked up Gen II even further, increasing blade stock thickness by 25%, bringing it to a hefty .19 inches and a total weight of around 7 oz. “This was done primarily to add to the overall build robustness and strength,” Loftes unapologetically tells us. “This is a heavy folder; the intent is for hard use and tactical specialist applications.” To counteract the additional bulk at the business end, HHA milled a weight-saving texture into both handle scales and did away with the backspacer, opting for standoffs instead.

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It has been two years since HHA turned its attention from fixed blades to folders, but Loftes confirms they will become a bigger part of the company’s offerings going forward. New materials are under consideration, and Loftes sees the MILF series as part of a larger folder family that will include both larger and smaller knives. “[It] would sit in the middle of a go-forward size range. New blade shapes will also be considered. We have much more to offer in the folder market.”

Hardcore Hardware was founded in 2010 and focuses on delivering overbuilt tools at an accessible mid-range price point. The new MILF folder line will be available globally by the beginning of October. Prices are pegged at $279 AUD – about $224 USD.

Knife featured in image: Hardcore Hardware Australia MILF Gen II Recurve

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