Benchmade Dresses Up Mini Grip with New Premium Configuration

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Benchmade just announced the 556-1701, a new high-end variation of the Mini Griptilian. This limited edition folder features new materials all throughout its construction.

Regular Mini Griptilian models come in standard, work-ready synthetics – either GFN or G-10. But the scales of the 566-1701 are milled titanium inlaid with wood. Benchmade utilized the flow-through construction seen on their G-10 Griptilians, but added extra flair with barrel spacers and thumb studs made from brass. Even the split arrow clip gets turned up a notch in quality, with a striking smoke gray DLC coating.

These embellishments make for a handsome knife – one that some are already calling the “Grip Million” due to its luxurious construction. It’s easy to imagine most buyers will keep their 556-1701 pristine as a collector’s piece, but anybody who presses the knife into EDC duty will find the same high-performance 20CV steel seen on other recent offerings like the G-10 Griptilians and the Anthem. The Griptilian family offers several blade shapes, but for this model, Benchmade chose the original, classic 2.91-inch drop point.

This isn’t the first time Benchmade itself has tried its hand at an all-ti Mini Grip. A previous Gold Class offering featured blue twill G-10 inlays and CPM-M4 blade steel – but this model is long gone. Those looking for titanium Griptilians turned to the healthy aftermarket of replacement scales. Companies like Wilkins Knives made their name on titanium scales for the Grip. Rising star TJ Schwarz tried his hand at it as well, designing understated Grip handles in collaboration with Flytanium.

While Benchmade bills the 556-1701 as a limited edition, it’s still unclear just how many will ultimately be produced. The new knife is expected to arrive by the end of September. It is now available for pre-order at KnifeCenter.

Knife featured in image: Benchmade 556-1701 Mini Griptilian