TOPS Launches Missile Strike After Vet’s 7-Year Tour

The TOPS Missile Strike is the latest combat knife released by the Idaho-based company. The new knife exhibits an aggressive, tactical profile drawn up specifically for those serving in the military.

Designer Kelly McCulley spent seven years in the service, and seven years being disappointed in the combat knife offerings available to soldiers. “[He] never liked the knives that were issued or the knives that he found made for military guys,” explains TOPS’ Craig Powell. “He started designing and making the stuff he wished he would have had.”

As a knife meant for active duty soldiers, McCulley set out with the premise that the Missile Strike must function as a weapon. “The main focus is on combat usage,” Powell explains. “Thick stock, over-pronounced finger guard, pointy pommel and things like that were musts.” The Missile Strike’s spear point blade has a 4.75- inch cutting edge ground from a full quarter-inch-thick piece of 1095 – the same stock thickness as a massive chopper like El Chete. Housed in its Kydex sheath the 11.5 oz. Missile Strike balances reasonable carry with virtual indestructibility out in the field.

After ensuring the knife would be an effective, durable fighter, McCulley and TOPS began optimizing the details for secondary utility purposes. “What makes it good for regular utility or everyday stuff came after,” says Powell. Ergonomically, McCulley went for a straight, simple handle, but made it spacious enough for gloved hands to hold. An oversize finger choil allows a choked-up grip for detail cutting. The Micarta scales come in either a standard finish or with TOPS’ Rocky Mountain Tread pattern cut into them.

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An expanded series of options allow users to tailor the blade to their specific needs. “The default swedge option is not sharpened on the top, but it can be, and we can add serrations to the top or bottom edge as well,” Powell tells us. The default coating for the blade is a coyote tan powder coat, but a camo option offers something different for those who want it.

The Missile Strike is available now through TOPS and on its way to dealers. MSRP is $210.

Knife featured in image: TOPS Missile Strike