Chris Reeve Knives Releases First Ever Slipjoint

Chris Reeve Knives has revealed the Bill Harsey-designed Impinda, the company’s first new model since the Inkosi and its first-ever slipjoint. The company known for inventing the Reeve Integral Lock (also known as the frame lock) has introduced its first folding knife without a lock at all.

The Impinda comes in with a 3.12-inch cutting edge, a clean drop point blade made from S35VN steel. CRK has played around with variations on a normal nail mark on their Mnandi model, but the Impinda truly goes back to basics with a standard, one-sided cutout. Although non-locking, the knife’s steel backspring is covered by matte titanium handle scales that echo the signature look of other CRK knives. The company leveraged its hyper-precise machining ability to create a slipjoint mechanism that uses differential spring pressure, supposedly improving the knife’s balance and safety.

Sculpted titanium pocket clips are a major trend for high-end knives, and with the 3.38 oz. Impinda CRK makes their first foray in the form. The contoured clip follows the inside curve of the handle, held in place by single screw. In conjunction with the single-side deployment nail mark, the Impinda favors right-handed users, but CRK has always kept southpaws in mind with specific left-hand configurations. It’s still not clear if they’ll take the same approach with their latest model.

CRK produced the Impinda but the knife is designed by Bill Harsey. Harsey has worked with CRK in the past on fixed blade designs, and the Impinda definitely carries his imprint. The handle design’s finger groove and large pivot screw are clearly Harsey touches, and the veteran maker is known for simple, hardworking blade shapes like the drop point on the Impinda. Harsey’s recent production output has favored larger blades, and while the Impinda isn’t massive it does come in at a larger size than many slipjoints and modern traditional knives.

The Impinda is available to order now, with lead times estimated at six months.

Knife featured in image: Chris Reeve Knives Impinda