Zero Tolerance and Sinkevich Team up Again for New 0470

Zero Tolerance held back a release for Blade, debuting the ZT 0470, designed by Dmitry Sinkevich. The new release takes elements of other ZT/Sinkevich collabs and offers them alongside unique features of its own.

The 0470 is actually a high-end reimagining of the Atmos, a Sinkevich from ZT’s sister brand Kershaw. That knife hit a budget price point with humbler construction and materials. It was also produced in a smaller size. In making the transition into the premium ZT catalog, the 0470 benefits from a checklist of signature Sinkevich and Zero Tolerance touches: ball-bearing flipper, angular aesthetic, high-end materials.

Its 3.4-inch drop point blade keeps the 0470 in the mid-size bracket, offering enough blade for more intense chores without ruling out delicate tasks. ZT managed to keep the weight down to an impressive 3.3 oz. thanks to a titanium and carbon fiber construction. The company has experimented with sculpted clips on other models, but for the 0470 they settled on a flat and functional stamped clip – still made from titanium. Blade steel is CPM-20CV, the American equivalent to M390 steel. This means that stain resistance and edge retention will be top class. The steel has been an increasingly common sight on ZT models, with all new for 2018 releases featuring the material.

These well-considered specs put the new 0470 right in between what are arguably the two most popular ZT/Sinkevich collaboration models, the 0450 and 0452. The former is positioned firmly as a slick and streamlined EDC, while the latter takes a decidedly more tactical bent. The 0470 could straddle the divide between those two needs, providing extra length over the 0450 without being so large as to affect performance for everyday cutting tasks.

The 0470 is the newest addition to the ZT catalog, and the third new knife from the company this year. But ZT has also pushed out several limited edition runs of existing models as they continue to develop their reputation for Sprint Runs and exclusive variations. A new ZT 0450 dropped just ahead of Blade Show, sporting a Coyote Brown PVD coating and ZDP-189 blade steel.

Knife featured in image: Zero Tolerance 0470

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