Civivi Goes Sci-Fi with New Biophase Flipper

Civivi is cooking up quite a looker for eventual release. Meet the Biophase, a knife with an amped up sci-fi look backed up by the company’s solid everyday carry specs underneath.

It’s hard to identify a single, overarching style in the knives that come from the in-house design team at Civivi; they’ve done too many different projects at this point to be summarized that way. That being said, it’s also easy to say that the Biophase looks like nothing else the company has produced. A close look will show that the knife’s fundamental outline is not too wild, the way the Biophase is put together and styled makes it a standout in the parade of 2024 Civivi releases.

One of the all aluminum variations

Starting with the blade we see an aggro version of a clip point, with a two-step drop down to the clip and a wide piratical profile. The stepped, diamond-shaped cutout in the blade, with its thrice-pierced inner layer, seems to be more decorative than practical – it certainly can be used to open the Biophase, but we’d bet most users will opt for firing the blade out with the spine-side tab instead. Once the knife is open, they’ll have a 3.48-inch length of Nitro-V steel to work with – good length and steel for both the expected and unexpected sides of the EDC role.

Moving to the handle, we’ve got a two-level design with webbed scales laid over a webbed liner level; on on two of the three variations the top layer is aluminum, but there’s one option with its top layer made from burgundy G-10 instead. All versions of the Biophase are outfitted with a Button Lock which, at this rate, may overtake liner and frame locks in terms of visibility in Civivi’s 2024 output, if they haven’t already. The heavily skeletonized look does the Biophase some favors in the weight department too, with this mid-sized user weighing in at 2.83 oz. for the all-aluminum flavors, and an even lighter 2.61 oz. for the G-10 model.

The Biophase has no release date yet.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Biophase

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