Latest from Boker Solingen is the EDK, a MagnaCut User

Most of the time when we talk about Boker, their Plus line is the focus. Recently however, lots of new stuff has been rolling out under the company’s central Solingen line, including the EDK, short for Everyday Duty Knife, a new user with solid, enthusiast friendly materials.

Boker may not have been the first major knife company to adopt MagnaCut into its line, but it did jump in on the trend early and has been slowly adding MagnaCut models ever since. The EDK is the latest, with a 3.07-inch drop point blade made from the stuff. This is a shape and steel combo that should please most anybody looking for a dedicated everyday user. In terms of opening method, the EDK has a thumb hole – well, really more of a thumb triangle, but you get the idea: it’s a completely ambidextrous opening method we all know and love.

The TDK, with a tanto blade instead of a drop point, is also available

Speaking of ambidexterity, the EDK is the latest in a growing sub-section of Boker models with an Axislike crossbar lock. Such mechanisms have been cropping up just about everywhere since the Axis Lock patent expired and, for whatever mechanical differences they may have, the broad strokes operation is the same as on the famous Benchmade device: a spring pushes a crossbar into engagement with the tang when the knife is opened; pulling down on the crossbar toggle disengages it, allowing the blade to swing closed.

The handle around the EDK’s crossbar lock is made from GFN, done in a plain black hue and sporting a pond ripple chevron texture. It’s simple, intuitive, and effective. The stubby stamped steel pocket clip is loop over, but not quite deep carry; a portion of the EDK’s handle will still protrude from the pocket when its tucked away. As you would hope on a knife so well-calibrated for lefties, the pocket clip can be switched to either side.

One last item of note: if you like the EDK concept but want something a bit more ‘tactical-ified,’ Boker is also offering the TDK (Tactical Duty Knife), which is nearly identical dimensions and materials but swaps out the drop point for a tanto.

Both the EDK and TDK are projected to be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker EDK

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