Jack Wolf Makes First Foray into Fixed Blades

Jack Wolf Knives started with slipjoints, later expanded into the locking knife scene, and now company founder and designer Benjamin Belkin is ready to drop the first ever Jack Wolf fixed blade, based on his Midnight Jack slipjoint.

The folding Midnight Jack is an updated barlow knife that keeps the signature look of the historical pattern, but spices it up with trendy revisions to style, blade shape, and, of course, the materials. Descended as it was from one of the oldest working knife patterns, the heart of the Midnight Jack was the blade, an aerodynamic take on the wharncliffe that handled everyday carry stuff with aplomb; in the latest batch the profile performance was undersigned by S90V super steel.

The full suite of available options for the FIXedc

The Midnight Jack FIXedc, as Jack Wolf has dubbed this model, hews quite closely not only to the look of the slipjoint original, but to the dimensions. Sometimes, manufacturers transitioning a folder into a fixed blade leverage the format’s inherently sturdier construction to scale things up a bit. The FIXedc is a little bit bigger than its predecessor but, as the name indicates, EDC is still the name of the game here and so Jack Wolf brought the blade up to just 2.95 inches. That means that the FIXedc will be comfortable doing the exact kind of chores its slipjoint sibling did, but, in addition, as a non-folding knife it can be trusted with bigger chores too, as there is no mechanism, locking or non-, to worry about damaging.

The teardrop-shaped barlow handle has been carried forward too, but there is one signature element of the Midnight Jack slippie and its historical referent not present here: the bolster. The choice is clearly a deliberate one: a bolster is only mechanically relevant on folding knives (where it serves to strengthen the pivot area), and forgoing it allows the FIXedc’s scales to be uniform slabs of luxe materials. The material roll call this time around includes Ultem, abalone, and a version with sunburst pattern titanium scales.

The FIXedc, in all its variations, will be available through authorized dealers only starting at 2pm EST/11am PST, Friday, June 14th.

Knife in Featured Image: Jack Wolf Knives FIXedc

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