Civivi Has More Mid-Size Flippers on the Docket

It’s August and, here in our neck of the woods at least, that means the days are long and hot. But the beginning of a new month also means there are new Civivi knives on the way. The prolific label has a pair of new flipper knives on the slate, courtesy of the ever-busy in-house design team.


Both Civivi and parent company We Knife Co. enjoy very diverse lineups; but if the former has a signature genre it’s this mid-sized, streamlined flipper format. The Savant is the latest example, with a 3.47-inch blade, a narrow, elongated drop point that looks ready for slicing – a task that the full flat grind takes to like a fish to water.

Both the Savant and its partner in crime below, the Voltaic, share a layered handle construction. The Savant’s dolphin-ish, arching handle has 2/3rds scales, made from G-10, cuibourtia wood, or carbon fiber, with a steel portion comprising the last third and the underlying body and frame lock. Weight is right where you’d expect it to be at 3.54 oz., and a deep carry pocket clip makes this one carry exactly like many of its Civivi peers.


The Voltaic has the same blade length as the Savant, but instead of that narrow drop point it broadens things out with a wider profile; it too is made from 14C28N steel. While the two knives’ capabilities mostly overlap in the “EDC+” category, we’d say the Voltaic looks a bit more rough and ready, and may withstand a few more rugged chores you wouldn’t subject the Savant to.

As mentioned above, the Voltaic has the same two-part handle construction as the Savant, although its G-10 portion is centered, with the steel frame surrounding it like an extended chamfer. The frame lock and deep carry pocket clip are also carried over here, but the Voltaic is heavier at 4.3 oz. There’s no carbon fiber version of the Voltaic, but it does have the cuibourtia inlay option, as well as a third with a green canvas Micarta inlay.

No firm release date has been given for either knife yet, but the wait for release is rarely long when it comes to Civivi.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Voltaic

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