Gerber Delivers Affordable Working Knife for the Fall

Gerber is prepping a second round of 2022 releases for the fall, and one of the headline acts is the Slimsada. The Slimsada is a budget-friendly work knife with a focus on simple, hardworking materials.

Visually, the Slimsada is right in line with other newish Gerber folders like the Savvy and the Fuse. The blade shape is a modified, modernized sheepsfoot, with a full flat grind and angular profile. The mid-size EDC blade seems to be trending mightily right now; that’s the category the Slimsada falls in with a cutting edge of 3.47 inches. It is opened with a generous thumb cutout, which makes deployment completely ambidextrous, although there are other elements of the knife that favor right-handed users.

Gerber opted to make this fall folder’s blade from D2 blade steel. A semi-stainless tool steel, D2 is the de facto choice for many knives that aim for lower price points, because it keeps costs low while still delivering very solid cutting performance. Gerber has implemented the steel on a few other recent releases like the Affinity, and we’re happy to see it again here. Although it has a reputation as a fairly rugged steel, the Slimsada’s full flat grind should bring D2’s slicing capabilities in particular to the fore.

The Micarta plate keeps the lock bar from getting pushed out too far

You can really see the Slimsada’s family resemblance to other Gerber folders in the handle. They’ve once again done their usual thing of a familiar, intuitive profile a little aesthetic attitude with the use of hard lines instead of curves in creating the outline. The front scale is made from coarse green Micarta, while the off-side scale is made from steel. Gerber took advantage of this all-steel back scale and made the Slimsada a frame lock. Furthermore, they ward against overtravel with a matching Micarta plate, laid over the middle of the lock bar. A stamped stainless steel clip is configured for right hand, tip-up carry, and can’t be reversed to the other side.

The Slimsada is part of a small fleet of new releases Gerber aims to release in the autumn, including some new multitool options and EDC fixed blades, which will get covered in their own stories to come.

Knife in Featured Image: Gerber Slimsada

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