Civivi Holiday Guide Offers Dozens of Gift Ideas for the Christmas Season

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Christmas is just 10 days away, and if you’re anything like us (handsome, responsible) you’re probably still looking for a few last-minute gifts for the people in your life. But that process can be daunting, which is why Civivi put together a massive gift guide, a compilation of deals on all sorts of models in their epic-length catalog.

It’s not just a shopping list, however; many of these models are sporting additional discounts and, for qualifying purchases of $29 or more, Civivi is throwing in a free mystery gift as well. We’ve combed through the Gift Guide and chose five of our favorites for your purchasing perusal; hopefully you find something new here, or at least set off in the right direction on your own shopping quest. And, as ever with our recommendation guides, there is no judgement if you end up purchasing one (or more!) things for yourself in addition to gift-buying…


The recently-released Qubit is, in our opinion, another home run EDC design from the in-house Civivi team, one that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. The wide, flat ground drop point makes the act of cutting a tactile, breezy joy; meanwhile the snappy thumb stud deployment, coupled with the button lock release, gives it top tier fidget factor, as well. And it even has a built-in bottle opener for cracking open the requisite Christmas ales from your local craft brewer!

Mini Elementum

It’s nearly impossible to write a Civivi recommendation article without bringing up the Elementum; the knife is the undisputed flagship for the company, winning hearts since its 2019 debut. You could fill out a substantial gift guide just with the Elementum variants, but we’re going to single out the Mini Elementum. With a 1.83-inch blade and clipless carry, it almost feels like a traditional knife in terms of carry; but the frame lock, not to mention the hand rubbed blade and copper front scale, also mark this one clearly as a full-fledged Civivi EDC.


Civivi is best known for their folding knives, but they’ve rolled out some real bangers in the fixed blade category too – not least of which is the multiple award-winning Tamashii. And how could it not be a winner? It’s designed by the legendary Bob Terzuola, who imbued it with compact but capable dimensions and a deeply charismatic Eastern bladecraft aesthetic. Perhaps our favorite element of the Tamashii is the excellent ergonomics; you can tell this one was made by an old pro purely by the way it feels in the hand.


Here’s another award-winner, and one that, sadly, ain’t going to be around for much longer. Justin Lundquist‘s Lumi is a surefire pick for a knife enthusiast; it’s got a trendy, fidget friendly front flipper design, compact footprint, quality materials, and the pedigree of a rising star in the knife design world. Most varieties of this one are gone for good (at least on the primary market) but the very handsome burlap Micarta Lumi is still available, and discounted for the holiday season. Get one.

Baby Banter

Maybe not a surprise pick, but the Baby Banter, designed by Ben Petersen, is another favorite amongst the cutlery cognoscenti. But even beyond that, it’s a great choice for the non-knife person in your life, with a design that’s intuitive, cute, and, in this red coated blade/white G-10 scale version especially, appealingly quirky. We’re giving the Baby Banter our “Stocking Stuffer 2023” award; grab one for yourself while you’re at it.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Baby Banter

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