[UPDATED] More Black Friday Deals Go Live at KSF

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KnivesShipFree started today with some early and very tempting Spyderco Black Friday deals. Now those crazy kids in Tennessee have gone and added a second whole set of offerings. Round 2 of KSF’s Black Friday include discounts on some premium folders, maintenance equipment, and more.

UPDATED 11/23/23: As promised, another round of deals just went live; we’ve added them to the top of this list!

Thin Blue/Red Line Spydercos, 50% off SmallFly

This series of Delicas, Enduras, Endelas, and Rescue 3s are lightly cosmetically altered in tribute to first responders; with these discounts, you have an opportunity to grab some of Spyderco’s most famous models at temptingly low prices.

Also of note amongst the many discounted Spyderco’s is the SmallFly 2, Spyderco’s characteristically quirky take on the balisong format. It’s a whopping fifty percent off, and makes a great introduction to the bali format – or an addition to an existing collection.

Toor Knives

Connor Toor’s California-based workshop produces knives with a slick, stylishly aggressive look all their own, and a handful of fixed blade models have had their prices dropped by 20%. One of the pleasures of the knife hobby is discovering new makers, and KSF has a real eye for quality stuff from smaller shops; now’s the perfect opportunity to give Toor a try.

Benchmade 15500 MeatCrafter (Orange, CPM 154)

The MeatCrafter is one of the more unusual models in Benchmade’s lineup, as a purpose-built meat prep/hunting knife. You may not be able to get yours in time to carve the turkey later today, but the MeatCrafter’s trailing point blade will slice through every chore you throw in its way until next Thanksgiving.

Launch 12 and Launch 12CA

Kershaw’s extensive Launch series is a regular cast member at KSF’s sales, and this time the Launch 12 and it’s littler, California-legal brother the Launch 12CA are up for discounts. All Launch knives are automatics but the 12 in particular is a visual tribute to the classic stiletto-style switchblades that laid the groundwork for all modern automatic knives. Their rugged aluminum construction and CPM-154 blades make these Launches feel thoroughly modern, however.

Bamba Forge

These special knives are so cool that we wanted to bring them up first. Bamba Forge is an Ugandan knife making outfit that teaches at-risk Ugandan men the art of custom knife making – the fruits of which you can purchase through KSF. The knives are beautiful, functional, and, best of all, all proceeds go back into keeping this forge running and growing.

Wicked Edge Holiday Sale

If you’re seriously into knives, you’re probably also seriously into sharpening them. The best sharpening systems – of which Wicked Edge is one – cost nearly as much as the knives you sharpen on them, so it’s great to see all these WE sharpeners and accessories on discount.

Shun Sora 8″ Chef Knife

We’ve been adamant about how every knife nerd should make sure to spend some of his knife budget on kitchen cutlery – and this 8″ chef knife from KAI subsidiary Shun is a workhorse that can do just about everything better than cheap knives, and it comes with a very accessible price in this sale. Great for non-knife people too.

Knight Elements V2 Ultra Kukri Folder

Jason Knight’s production Elements line has some really cool things in it, but this revised version of his Kukri Folder is our fave. And right now it has a hefty $50 off the price over at KSF.

Benchmade SHOT Show Bailout

It was very kind of the folks at SHOT to commission this Bailout in KnifeNews orange. We’re surprised this limited edition is still around, but there’s never been a better time to grab one than now.

New ZT Models

ZT has been gaining a new head of steam recently, turning heads with a recent brand new model and, just as temptingly, MagnaCut iterations of existing models. These ones around on any discount but lots of people are eyeing them up for Christmas, and here they are all in one place – treat yourself!

KSF has more deals coming; we’ll be updating this story tomorrow so check back then!

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