KSF Kicks off Black Friday Early with Spyderco Specials

Sponsored by: KnivesShipFree

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which also means that the time is nigh: the shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday approaches. The event has spread beyond the bounds of a single day, which means an absolute cavalcade of specials, deals, limited offers, discounts, and general pre- and post-prandial promotions are going to start rolling in.

Naturally, the crew at KnivesShipFree set up some tantalizing promotions for the sales blitz – and they’ve started today, kicking things off with a very special, limited time sale on select Spyderco knives.

If you know Spyderco, you know they keep a tight rein on the pricing of their knives – so seeing so many of their models available at hefty discounts is exciting stuff. You can check out the full list of discounts here, but we highlighted a few of our favorites below to whet your appetite or give you some ideas.

Salt 2 Light Weight LC200N

It’s hard to talk about Spyderco recommendations without mentioning the Delica, and we’re not going to buck that trend today. The Salt 2 is the rustproof variant of the legendary EDC, but those corrosion-countering properties make it a phenomenal choice for landlubbers too; LC200N steel thrives under just about any environmental conditions you can imagine.

Sun and Moon Chaparral

The Chaparral platform lends itself to some dressy variants, and we’ve loved the Sun and Moon Chap since we first laid eyes on it. You don’t see many production knives with different-colored scales front and back, and it’s done particularly well here. And of course you’ve got all the usual excellent performance characteristics of the Chap present too.


You can find some really striking stuff in Spyderco’s Ethnic Series, and the Watu was a recent highlight for us. A smaller sequel to the Chokwe, this high performance EDC folder looks phenomenal and, given its discontinuation, isn’t going to be around much longer. Grab it while you can.

Subvert Sprint Run

Here’s another soon-to-be-gone-forever model, the Sprint version of Nati Amor’s imposing yet beautiful Subvert design. Full contoured carbon fiber scales, a one-of-a-kind blade made from CPM 20CV, titanium lock – what’s not to love here?

We’ll end the recommendations with a sub-$100 hidden gem. The UK Pen Knife has never been the most visible Spydie model but this full sized slipjoint has a dedicated following, for good reason. This is a particuarly tempting variant because it is made from SPY27, the proprietary steel formulation that Spyderco first introduced in 2020. Get it, carry it, love it, join the UKPK club.

And remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg over at KSF. Many, many other Spydies will be on very rare discounts through Friday, so make sure to spend some time browsing and buying before and/or after you fill up on food!

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