Civivi Lumi Voted Best New Value Folder 2021

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The Civivi Lumi is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New Value Folder 2021! Justin Lundquist‘s lovable Lumi lunged into the lead in a league of laudable legends like the Buck Knives Budgie, CRKT FRN Provoke, Gerber Affinity, KA-BAR BK40, Ontario Knife Company Ultrablue, and Real Steel Knives Luna ECO.

Possibly no other market segment has improved by such leaps and bounds in recent years as the budget genre. Sure, the materials have gotten better, but so too have the designs; the knives makers create for their budget collabs are as stylish, exciting, and cool as the ones they make for the high-end or even custom markets.

In Justin Lundquist’s case, he probably couldn’t make an uncool knife if he tried at this point, but the Lumi stood out from the start. “I wanted to create a clean, compact, symmetrical (minus the blade) design that was comfortable in hand,” he tells us, reflecting on the Lumi’s origins. “As always, I try to have a nice balanced feel of slightly classic and slightly modern mixed together.” As Lundquist refined the design, adding in the streamlined drop point blade, he noticed the way it echoed a famous Finnish knife pattern. “It almost resembles a classic puukko…that wasn’t the intent when I started, but I liked where the design was going, so I ran with it.”

Getting a highly portable, puukko-influenced folder for $50 is already an appealing proposition, but Lundquist added another flourish. “In keeping with the symmetry of the handle I gave the Lumi my symmetrical out the front flipper tab for that modern touch and awesome action.” All of these elements come together to make a knife that almost anyone could afford, but that feels as uniquely cool as something with a significantly higher price tag. “Lumi is the Finnish word for snow,” Lundquist adds. “While it doesn’t look like snow, it is small, symmetrical and lightweight, like a snowflake.”

Civivi themselves spoke about the innate appeal of the Lumi. “Justin’s designs are always a big hit but this little guy was something special,” We/Civivi’s Director of Marketing Seth Ercanbrack told us. “Our customers really appreciated the innovative design and great quality at an incredible price.”

Lundquist also passed along a sneak peek image of the Blackout Lumi, a new coloration that will be available later this year:

Tomorrow is one of the biggies: we’ll be announcing your choice for the Best New Folder of 2021!


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Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Lumi