LionSteel H2 Voted Best New EDC Fixed Blade 2021

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The LionSteel H2 is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New EDC Fixed Blade 2021! Tommaso Rumici’s finger ringed blade beat out some stiff competition in the form of the Civivi Minimis, Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck, Origin Handcrafted Tili, and the We Knife Co. Quark.

All of our knife genres, while helpful in a general way, are fluid: what works as an EDC for one person might be too big for another, or too small; a blade shape might be the perfect daily companion for a specialist, but a curiosity for someone with more general cutting needs. Quality knife designs stem from an understanding of these differences, and, in the case of Rumici’s H line knives, a playful intermingling of them.

Usually when you see a finger ring on a knife, you think karambit – and when you think karambit, you think “tactical.” But with the H2, Rumici added a finger ring onto a design that was not a traditional karambit, nor strictly tactical; and this flourish created an EDC knife that did the traditional EDC things in a different way. “I always liked the karambit for its ease of draw and the added safety given by the ring,” Rumici tells us. “Finding those characteristics useful for an outdoor knife, back in 2010 I started working on a more versatile version, without the classic hooked blade.”

In fact, the realization of that project wouldn’t happen for a decade. “It took 11 years to find the right company to believe in the evolution of that original concept,” Rumici explains. “Finally LionSteel and Coltelleria Scintilla (the knife shop where I grew up) joined their forces and made the magic happen.”

The ring makes retrieving the H2 thoughtless and easy as possible, and works as an extension of the handle during your cutting chores. Once you have it in hand, the ring can make sure it stays there: even in mundane situations it’s important that a knife stays where you want it in your grip, so having that secondary safety, so to speak, is very much appreciated.

The ring is unusual, but the H2’s drop point blade will instantly connect with any user. Its sub-3 inch blade length makes it a natural fit for daily carry, while fixed construction makes it hardy enough to really lean on. In other words is an EDC with a broad spectrum of use. The H2 may differ from the standard EDC fixed blades in its look and design, but it makes perfect sense in the hand, and that’s the absolute core of the everyday carry philosophy.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon to see which knife won the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice Award for Best Outdoors Fixed Blade 2021!


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Knife in Featured Image: LionSteel H2