Civivi Unveils New Bowie and Cleaver Knives

After a quiet April, Civivi is back with a pair of new releases, the Dogma and the Mini Bullmastiff. The Dogma toes the mid-size knife line with some design homages to traditional folders, while the Mini Bullmastiff brings out a beefy but portable cleaver blade.


The Dogma’s eye-catching blade is a mildly updated version of the classic bowie shape. With a length of 3.46 inches and the naturally balanced edge geometry of that bowie, the Dogma stands ready to cut through small-to-medium EDC jobs with aplomb. Civivi is once again turning to their line-standard D2 semi-stainless steel for this one; expect good edge retention and adequate toughness as the cost of corrosion resistance.

With the handle, Civivi kept the lines super simple. The gentle arch from pivot to tail has been a familiar profile on knives for decades. Ahead of the finger guard the sharpening choil is big enough to allow for users to choke up comfortably on the blade, gaining extra control when needed. Civivi created stainless steel liners that letterbox G-10 scales. These scales provided a canvas for Civivi to add a little additional flair, with machining that emulates the bolster and carving you would see on a more traditional knife – another way in which the Dogma hearkens back to classic mid-century folders while remaining obviously modern. The Dogma knife weighs 3.23 oz. and comes with a loop-over deep carry pocket clip.

Mini Bullmastiff

Civivi is getting into the cleaver mindset with the Mini Bullmastiff. The obvious selling point on this knife is its bold cleaver blade shape, complete with a sizable fuller. But despite the burly connotations of the cleaver, the Mini Bullmastiff is still relatively small, with a blade length of just 2.97 inches. By contrast to the Dogma, the Bullmastiff’s blade steel is 9r18MoV stainless.

As with the Dogma, Civivi kept to the classic shapes for the handle, with a simple, hand-filling arcing shape on display here. The Bullmastiff’s scales have not been embellished in the same way as the Dogma’s, but it too uses the same liner lock mechanism and loop-over pocket clip as its stablemate. The wider blade and stouter handle add up to a slightly heavier 3.5 oz. weight.

These are the first new knives from Civivi that we’ve seen since the end of March, when the Exarch debuted. While neither knife has had a final price tag announced, both are expected to arrive with dealers by the beginning of June.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Mini Bullmastiff