Gerber Reels in Two New Fisher’s Fixed Blades

Gerber just came out with a pair of knives made especially for use with and around fish. The Sengyo and the Rigor share the same materials and construction, but focus on different scales (pun intended) of fish preparation.


The Sengyo takes an obvious visual lead from Japanese kitchen cutlery, with a 9.5-inch blade. Its blade shape is a drop point with a low, but acute tip, and a very slight harpoon swedge towards the tip (a design element it shares with its shipmate the Rigor). It also a fish scale pattern relief cut into its satin finished blade.

The Sengyo is designed to be a slicing machine, and in particular to process fish quickly and cleanly. And while it is clearly aimed at fishers, the blade profile is a fairly universal one and the Sengyo can easily shift into a general kitchen utility role. Its blade steel is 9Cr18MoV, the same stainless steel that has appeared on other Gerber fishing knives.

The handle of the Sengyo doesn’t attempt anything fancy in its profile. It’s a classic profile, accentuated from some 3D dimensionality to make it more hand filling. Gerber says that the raised portions and grooves are meant to manage any water that gets onto the handle during the use, so that the user’s grip remains sure.


While the Sengyo focuses on the more delicate side of fish prep, the Rigor goes for the bigger jobs. Its curving blade shape measures a whopping 11 inches in length and is also made from 9Cr18MoV. This size makes the Rigor ready to work with larger species of fish,powering through the cuts that require more muscle than finesse.

The Rigor’s handle sticks very closely to the subdued pattern seen on the Sengyo. Like the Sengyo, it’s a full tang knife and comes with a polymer blade sleeve that has a silicon strap to keep the Rigor secure even on rough waters.

Both the Rigor and the Sengyo are available now and, in typical Gerber fashion, strike an affordable price point. These two fixed blades follow on the heels of some folding multitool concepts, the Prybrid and the Armbar.

Knife in Featured Image: Gerber Rigor