Real Steel Offers Custom Options for Four Poltergeist Works Models

Real Steel Knives is the latest company to hop on the knife customization train. RSK is kicking off their custom knife service with an inaugural class of four knives, each with a different range of options for buyers to choose from.

Of the four knives RSK chose for this project, the Phasma may be receiving the most dramatic options. This EDC blade from Poltergeist Works released just last month in a standard stainless steel handle/satin blade configuration, but lots more handle and blade variations are on the table now. Through the custom service, buyers can go for inlays of carbon fiber, micarta, or even titan-damast from Balbach Damast. Damast blades are a possibility too, and new blade and handle coating options allow for some pretty eye-catching colorations beyond the expect knife world ones, too.

The Shade, a folding karambit model, gets a more subdued set of options. The original version, like the Phasma, came with stainless steel handle scales. Now you can get it in Micarta, carbon fiber, or various colors of G-10, and swap out the satin finish blade for a black coated one. As with the Phasma, these are mainly cosmetic alterations; however, the alternate handle scale materials can provide a bit of weight savings over the default steel ones.

Two slipjoints round out the collection of customizable knives. The Luna first debuted in the Balbach Damast earlier this year, and now RSK has revealed that was just one of many new configuration options available for the knife. G-10, wood, and Micarta options are also on the table for this one.

Finally, the Gslip is getting a boost up in terms of options too. It was one of the first RSK knives to receive an expanded suite of options, primarily in the form of different wooden scales: olive wood, golden ebony, and ebony.

RSK views these customization options as a statement of intent, an indicator of the direction they want to move their company and brand going forward. While many users may think of Real Steel as a maker of competitively-priced production knives, RSK thinks of flexibility as its defining strength, with large runs of production knives as well as these smaller, more bespoke custom options being within its capabilities.

They have already indicated that more knives are planned to be added to their customization service.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Luna with Balbach Damast inlay and blade