Spyderco Reveal Volume 5 Shows Off New Collaborations

Spyderco is back with the latest issue of their Product Reveals. Reveal number 5 contains more than ten new models, including pieces from outsider partners old and new.


Spyderco and LionSteel are back together again with the SpyOpera, which is based off of the longstanding Opera model within LionSteel’s lineup. The SpyOpera has a 2.88 inch blade made from M390 and brown canvas Micarta scales. Naturally, it is made in Maniago Italy by LionSteel itself.


Kazuyuki Sakurai is making his Spyderco debut with the Pochi, a tiny knife with an unusual visual theme: it’s designed to look like a dog. The handle even includes a titanium tail that folds out of the back of the knife. For cutting purposes Sakurai devised a 1.56-inch S45VN blade that looks like the profile of a snub-nosed pooch.

Native 5 Lightweight and Mule in SPY27

Spyderco rolled out two of its most popular models with their new, proprietary steel formulation SPY27 earlier this year. Now the Native 5 Lightweight is getting the same treatment, complete with the SPY27-exclusive handle color.

The latest Mule model, an ongoing series of simple fixed blades in different steels, will be in SPY27 as well.


Wharncliffes are getting a ton of love in Reveal 5. The Canis has a 3.6-inch wharncliffe with a rectangular swedge and a beefed up tip. It is designed by Kelly McCann and made from S30V blade steel.


Wharncliffe no. 2 is the Rockjumper, which is designed specifically for the needs of rock climbers. It has a roomy ergonomic handle, a 2.88-inch blade length, and is made from all the traditional materials of the Endura/Delica series – meaning VG-10 steel and Bi-Directionally Textured FRN scales.


The admirably groanworthy wordplay of the YoJumbo’s name tells you all you need to know. This is a scaled up version of Michael Janich’s Yojimbo 2 model, with a resized 4 inch wharncliffe blade. The texture on the G-10 scales have been coarsened compared to its little brother, too.


Marcin Slysz is coming out with the Swayback, which takes the traditional slipjoint pattern and translates it into a modern day folder. It is a titanium frame lock with a 3.31 wharncliffe blade from CTS-XHP steel.

K390 Family Expanded

We saw the first entry in the family of K390 models earlier this year, when Ladybug 3 in K390 was revealed. Now we’re seeing the rest of the lineup, full of the expected faces: Delica 4, Endura 4, Dragonfly 2, and Manbug.

Harrier 2 in Stainless Steel

There is one expansion to Spyderco’s Byrd label in this reveal: the Harrier 2 with stainless steel scales. Other than this swap, which does bulk up this design to 4.4 oz., the design remains the same.

Swick 5 and Swick 6

The Swick fixed blade model is returning, with what Spyderco is calling the Swick 5 and 6. These two knives have wharncliffe blades made from LC200N. Both knives have the same 2.4-inch blade length, but the finger holes are different sizes.

Sprint Runs

In the category of Sprint Runs, Spyderco is coming out with a Compression Lock Lil’ Native sprint, outfitted with S90V steel and carbon fiber scales. It is accompanied by a Native Chief with the same compliment of upgrades.

The Shaman is also coming out in another Sprint Run: brown canvas Micarta scales and a blade made from Z-Wear, which according to ZKnives is positioned as a hyper tough steel in the vein of CPM-3V.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Pochi