Boston-Based Company Creates Brass-Handled Utility Knife

Oceanus Brass is preparing to launch the Bosun’s Edge, which dresses up the utility knife pattern with some unusual flourishes.

Most utility knife designs go in one of two directions: either they opt for the (relatively) larger Stanley-style straight edge blade, or they go for the smaller, thinner X-Acto-style one. The Bosun’s Edge opts for the latter, accommodating the #11 size. This blade measures 1.5 inches long and runs at a diagonal to a highly acute point – the closest analogue would be that of the Japanese kiridashi, albeit smaller and more delicate. With this blade, the Bosun’s Edge will be ready to snip, cut, and puncture at small and possibly medium scale.

The Bosun’s Edge uses what Oceanus calls a ‘screw lock’ mechanism. By pushing or pulling the sliding knob on the show side scale, users can open or retract the blade. In either position the screw lock keeps the blade secure. Replaceable blade are a central aspect of the utility knives, of course, and the Bosun’s Edge’s setup for replacement is fairly conventional: users unscrew the two separate handle pieces and slot in a new blade.

Oceanus Brass says that the sailor’s knives of the 19th and early 20th centuries inspired the design and materials of the Bosun’s Edge (the title ‘bosun’ is a contraction of ‘boatswain;’ in the Age of Sail and beyond, a ship’s bosun was one of its most important officers). The brass handle scales will not rust (although the carbon steel blade will be more susceptible), and there is an option for a bail-style shackle bolt add-on to the back of the handle. This feature was a common one on early sailor’s knives, and was sometimes the only thing distinguishing them from a landlubber’s slipjoint.

Brass is a popular material for knife scales these days, but it does mean a weight increase over its more modern competitors like G-10 or aluminum. Thanks to its small overall footprint, however, the Bosun’s Edge isn’t hampered by the weightier material, and tips the scales at a measly 1.6 oz.

The utility knife has been quite the muse for the Kickstarter scene lately. In October Ronin Energetics debuted the high tech Helion Flip; earlier this month a group of aerospace engineers came together under the name Resolute Tools and crowdfunded the X-1.

Oceanus Brass is no stranger to Kickstarter. They have made dice, flints, pens, bracelets, even a whistle – all inspired by a nautical aesthetic. All of their projects have been successfully funded and the Bosun’s Edge is no different. It has already surpassed its asking amount of $250 by a considerable margin. Funding is open through May 12th, and the Bosun’s Edge is expected to ship that same month.

Knife in Featured Image: Oceanus Brass Bosun’s Edge