Steel Will Scylla Releases with Unique Thumb Stud Setup

The Steel Will Scylla is the latest model to arrive in the company’s steady drip feed of 2020 knives. The Scylla scales things up a bit in size and sports an unusual thumb stud opening arrangement.

At heart, the Scylla is a large EDC blade. Steel Will describes the 3.4-inch blade as leaf-shaped; nomenclature aside it’s obviously a utility-driven profile, with an edge that curves continually up from the base to the tip – and the tip is elongated enough to create an acute piercer. These characteristics make for a large knife that’s able to handle the more delicate tasks of smaller blades: precision slicing, puncturing, and other detail work are well within the Scylla’s remit. Steel Will made the blade from their usual D2 steel, the de facto semi stainless for budget knives.

But the most striking feature of the Scylla is the thumb stud design. Instead of fastening the studs to the base of the blade as is custom, Steel Will placed them in an extended “tang.” This tang faces out from the blade spine in the closed position; and the studs settle into a notch cut into the handle, past the pivot, when the knife is closed. In terms of operation, the studs can be used just like a “normal” knife, with a push from below flicking the blade open. But their positioning also allows for a thumb roll opening somewhat similar to that of a front flipper. No matter which way the Scylla is opened, the action is helped by ceramic ball bearings in the pivot.

Its opening method may be a tad unconventional, but the Scylla’s handle goes back to the basics. The only ergonomic flourish of note is a particularly flared out parrot’s back at the back end. The scales are plain G-10 over stainless steel liners, with a liner lock providing the blade retention. A larger knife overall, the Scylla weighs 4.44 oz. and comes with pocket clips for left- or right-hand carry.

This is the first new release from Steel Will since the beginning of March, when the company debute the Avior. Discounting any possible surprises or additional reveals, there are two more models the company brought to SHOT that are still on the way for 2020.

The Scylla is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Steel Will Scylla