Ronin Energetics Upgrades Utility Knife Concept

Ronin Energetics is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for the Helion Flip. The Helion Flip accepts standard utility blades, but its frame is comprised of modern knife making materials, and the design utilizes a magnetic detent system for holding the blade and rapid opening and closing.

At the core of the Helion Flip cutting experience is a standard, replaceable utility blade. “The Helion is an excellent choice for those small, everyday work tasks which don’t really need more than a one inch utility blade to accomplish,” says Ronin’s Alex Balogun. “However, what we found in many other utility knives is that you tend to not even get that amount of usable blade and it wobbles around in a loose housing at that. We solve this issue with the Helion by keeping close to 80% of the cutting edge exposed and the magnets clamp the blade tightly so no more annoying blade rattle.” Replacing the blade is merely a matter of pulling the magnetic frame apart and sliding a new one into place.

Magnets also play a role in the opening and closing of the Helion Flip, functioning as a sort of detent that give it an action more in line with modern flipper folders than other utility knives, but Balogun notes that the magnetic setup is an experience all of its own. “I find that magnets give a really unique feel to the operation of daily carry items that physical mechanisms can’t replicate well,” he says. “We wanted them to be strong enough for the user to seriously feel the acceleration of the magnetic fields when opening and closing, the whole design of the Helion is really based around this mechanism.” Users can open the Helion Flip one-handed by pushing against the corner of the blade retention arm, and close it just as easily by running their thumb over a tab on the pivot.

Ronin also selected modern synthetic materials for the 2.93-oz. Helion Flip’s frame: Delrin, G-10 and carbon fiber, and embellishing the finger grip hole with a large, bright ring of Kirinite. The knife also comes with a pocket clip, which is sculpted from carbon fiber.

Balogun also tells us that Ronin is by no means done exploring the possibilities of magnetic mechanisms. ” Down the road after the Helion, we’re looking at possibly integrating this mechanism into a more conventional full-sized knife design,” he reveals. “We’re also excited about expanding our production facilities, we’re passionate about manufacturing all of our designs 100% right here in Canada.”

The Helion Flip is available to back on Kickstarter now through November 12. It has already met its funding goal three times over.

Knife in Featured Image: Ronin Energetics Helion Flip