Tepe Design Produces Cigar Cutter Folder Knife with TwoSun

Tepe Designs is just releasing the Perfecto, a blade produced in collaboration with TwoSun Knives. The Perfecto is a titanium frame lock folder with the added functionality of a cigar cutter built into its handle.

The Perfecto’s dimensions are those of a small EDC folder, optimized for light-to-medium chores. Its broad, modified sheepsfoot blade is 2.52 inches long, and made from S90V super steel to ensure a long-lasting cutting edge. Tepe Designs chose to forgo a flipper, instead implementing a pair of thumb wedges for the opening method. Relatively stout for its overall size, the Perfecto weighs 3.99 oz. “The Perfecto is true multi-purpose EDC,” says Shan Hassan, the mind behind Tepe Designs.

A large hole cut into the show side scale gives the Perfecto its secondary functionality as a cigar cutter. Users open the blade far enough to clear the opening, put the cigar’s end in, and then push the blade down again to snip it open. “There are enthusiasts within the knife community who also enjoy an occasional cigar, and while there are a few alternative solutions from other companies, the Perfecto is an opportunity for TwoSun to reach more customers with a quality product at an affordable price,” Hassan says.

In addition to being a knife designer and community member, Hassan is part of the larger EDC realm. His first designs were for backpacks and other carryables; his first knife designs started appearing in 2018 through a collaboration with TwoSun. His next knife will also be made by TwoSun, and is a collaboration with fellow knife community member As.Sharp.As.I.Can.See, and he teased others too: “There are currently 3 other designs that are in process of development, which are slated for release in late Q4 and early Q1 of next year.”

Currently, TwoSun sells the knife directly through several online storefronts, and began with an eBay page. This makes price variable but also means potential buyers can get a good deal on their releases. Hassan says that the company’s persistence has helped legitimize this somewhat unconventional sales strategy. “TwoSun has done a phenomenal job of building a loyal following over the years within a single sales channel,” he notes. “Their recognition has been steadily growing thanks in part to the YouTube community and loyal customer posts on various knife forums.”

Hassan also represented TwoSun at the recent USN Gathering, the first North American show the company had an official presence at. “It allowed them to open discussions with distributers and e-tailers,” he tells us.

Knife in Featured Image: TwoSun Perfecto