Opinel Debuts New Line of Kitchen Cutlery

Opinel is releasing a new line of kitchen cutlery, Collection Les Forgés 1890. The line encompasses eight different knives, each keyed to different jobs in the kitchen.

There are material consistencies across the entire Les Forgés collection. Each model is made with a single piece of X50CrMoV15 steel comprising the blade itself, the guard, and the (full) tang. X50CrMoV15 is a stainless steel produced in Germany that often appears in kitchen cutlery specifically for its capacity for stain resistance. The handles are made from beechwood – a material that will be familiar to owners of other Opinel knives.

The Les Forgés line contains two Chef’s Knives, a standard (7.87 inches long) and a small (6.69 inches long). These are classic European-style designs, with the long sweeping belly and acute tip associated with that heritage. The Japanese culinary tradition is also represented with a full size Santoku model, with that knife’s recognizable blade shape and a length on par with that of the Small Chef’s Knife. A number of more specialized blades round out the collection: a bread knife, a fillet knife, a carving knife, and a meat and poultry blade. The Paring Knife, with its 3.5 inch blade, most closely resembles the iconic Opinel No. 8 folder, albeit with a spear point blade.

Even with the variation in cutting role and size, all the of Les Forgés knives have the classic ‘fish tail’ Opinel handle design, like that seen on their folding knife designs since 1890 – which the name of the new kitchen line obviously pays homage to.

The price of each Les Forgés knife varies; the relatively diminutive Paring Knife comes in at 60€, while the other seven models fall in the 110€ – 120€ range. No official North American prices or release dates have been given yet, although the knives are available to order through Opinel’s official site.

Knife in Featured Image: Opinel Les Forgés 1890 Chef’s Knife