Damned Designs Comes Out with Latest EDC Folder

Damned Designs has a new folding knife inbound, the Wraith. The knife comes ready to tackle EDC chores with its mid-size specs. Damned Designs Founder Adrian D’Souza also detailed a second new release for his company and its future plans.

The Wraith fits comfortably into the rapidly-expanding category of mid-priced knives with premium materials. Its blade length runs to just a tad over three inches, and the blade steel is M390. D’Souza came up with a modified sheepsfoot blade shape, capable of accomplishing everyday cutting chores with its pointy tip and gently curved belly. A pure flipper, the Wraith’s blade comes with a ball bearing pivot, but users have a choice when it comes to lock up: both frame and liner lock versions available.

With the Wraith being a generalized EDC cutter, D’Souza chose to keep the handle simple: other than the single finger groove cut out beneath the pivot, the lines remain almost entirely neutral. Wide chamfer-like cuts around the outside of the handle impart three-dimensionality to the ergonomics; handle material choices include full titanium, carbon fiber/G-10, and two different types of Micarta.

This isn’t the only release inbound from Damned Designs. D’Souza has also slated the Oni for a debut on IndieGoGo. The Oni is smaller than the Wraith, with a tanto blade, front flipper, and a humpbacked handle that give it big knife ergonomics. In addition to knives, D’Souza has also created multiple products that fall under the larger world of EDC items in general like keychain fobs and fidget spinners.

The Wraith is available for preorder now with prices between $125-$175. According to D’Souza, the Oni is expected to be up on IndieGoGo at the end of the month.

Knife in Featured Image: Damned Designs Wraith