Bestech Shifts into High Gear with Supersonic

Bestech Knives has just released the Supersonic, a new folder in their premium-style Titanium series. The mid-sized, do-all Supersonic blends those premium materials with a straightforward design to maximize its utility.

The Supersonic’s blade length is 3.39 inches, and for the blade shape Bestech turned out a simple drop point. The length and no-nonsense shape add up to a knife capable of flexing into just about any EDC-style chore a user may need. Bestech utilized S35VN in a move consistent with other premium folders in their lineup, and kept the blade stock at a beefy .15″ to ensure the Supersonic’s resiliency during harder jobs. In terms of opening method, Bestech eschewed the flipper tab entirely, instead opting for a wedge-shaped thumb stud.

Bestech continues the streamlined concept through to the handle. The Supersonic’s titanium handle is a neutral, linear shape with a single finger groove at the pivot; the sharpening choil could function as another finger groove depending on the size of the user’s hand as well. Two major chamfers run along top and bottom sides of the slap scales, adding some dimensionality in hand; a strutwork pattern has been cut into the scales as well for a bit of additional visual interest. The Supersonic is a frame lock (with steel interface tab) and weighs x oz.

In the Bestech release schedule, the Supersonic marks a return both to Titanium series and to the in-house knife design team. The company’s last big release was the Texel, a budget knife made in conjunction with community member and knife maker Adam Purvis of APurvis Blades.

Bestech says that the Supersonic is available now, with an MSRP of X.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Supersonic