CJRB Chord Prototype Packs in Smart EDC Features

There’s an incoming batch of prototypes over at Artisan Cutlery, including a new model for their CJRB line. It’s called the Chord, and it delivers a no-frills mid-size everyday carry that benefits from a lot of features and options for users to choose between.

There isn’t much that a good drop point blade shape can’t do – especially when you’re talking about the everyday carry realm. That’s the profile on offer on the Chord and, at 3.47 inches, it has adequate blade length for what we would consider the full gamut of typical EDC stuff. This all-arounder vibe is complimented by the presence of AR-RPM9 steel, Artisan’s in-house specialty steel. In creating AR-RPM9, rather than aiming for the moon in terms of performance (and therefore cost), Artisan aimed to create a solid performer that wouldn’t cause the price tag to skyrocket – thus its presence here on a value-focused CJRB model.

The Micarta handle Chord has no forward choil, but does have a flipper

Or perhaps we should say “models,” because, in addition to the usual different colorations, the Chord comes in two distinct setups: the Micarta model with solid scales, or an all steel-handled variant with a skeletonized frame. The steel model has a big forward finger choil on its blade, but lacks the flipper, which the Micarta model has in addition to the dual thumb studs. However, both models are button lock knives, which means you actually have another opening method on tap in the lock itself. Pressing down on the button and flicking your wrist will deploy the blade in a manner similar to an Axis Lock flip.

The Chord’s handle design is as uncluttered and universal as its blade shape. It does the classic “bracket shape with a swell in the middle” thing, so this is not a handle that necessitates a user hold it in a certain way. That Micarta model can be had in brown, green, or black Micarta, while the stainless steel model comes in stonewash and black coated flavors. All of the Chords come with the same reversible loop over pocket clip.

The Chord prototypes will be coming soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Artisan Cutlery Chord Prototype

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