Second Button Lock en Route from RoseCraft

The latest new knife is the Castorea, the company’s second button lock and one of the biggest folders in their entire catalog.

RoseCraft has two distinct parts to their lineup: the traditional side and the modern side. The Castorea, obviously, falls into the latter category, with its flipper deployment and modern lock setup. The blade is a beast, with a length of 3.9 inches and a bold spear point shape. Lots of people like bigger blades for everyday carry, and the Castorea’s shape looks well-suited to such tasks, size aside; good piercing capability, a bit of belly for slicing, and some straight edge thrown in to boot.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a flipper tab for one-handed deployment, and a button lock situated on the Castorea’s faux bolster for lockup. This is the second time RoseCraft has rolled out a button lock knife, the first example being the Skink – and, perhaps unsurprisingly, both the Castorea and the Skink were designed by Andy Armstrong, one of the RoseCraft founders.

Earlier we put the Castorea in the “modern folder” side of the RoseCraft catalog. We stand by that, but there’s no denying the knife is inspired by traditional knife visual iconography. That’s most evident in the handle, which, with its teardrop shape and faux bolster, evokes Barlow knife. Of course there are no traditional materials here, with both the “bolster” and the cover beneath it being made from G-10, available in multiple colors including red, black, gray, and orange. The button lock’s button is placed to favor right hand users but, other than that, everything else about the Castorea is ambidextrous, all the way down to the swappable clip.

RoseCraft has been posting pics of incoming models over on their Instagram pages for the last couple weeks. We’ve seen a mess of new traditionals, as well as the company’s first dedicated keychain knife, the Awanata.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Castorea

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