New Field Dog Fixed Blade Comes from TOPS Employee

There’s a new fixed blade out from TOPS Knives, and it’s called the Field Dog. Created by a longtime employee, the Field Dog lives up to its name with tons of small game capability.

TOPS has a history of tapping into the talent of all their employees, not just the ones with “designer” in their job title. They’ve hosted in-house design competitions several times to give any employee a chance to come up with something worthy of getting added to the company’s catalog.

The Field Dog is the first ever knife design from TOPS employee Ana, who has been with the company for ten years, working mainly in logistics/procurement. Interestingly, despite being surrounded by edged objects, Ana was never really bit by the knife design bug – until 2019, that is, when she drew the first iteration of the Field Dog. Since then the knife has been prototyped and improved upon until now, when it arrives on the market with all the familiar TOPS fixings.

The Field Dog goes for that traditional outdoors look with a leather sheath

The Field Dog’s skinner-style blade, coming in at a compact 3.88 inches, designed to field dress smaller game; but the clip blade, at this size, can do a lot of other work in the great outdoors as well. This is also a stainless steel model, made from 154CM, so it will be less prone to corrosion than TOPS’s 1095 models. The company also decked the handle out, with a two-layer construction: a black and tan G-10 layer comprises the majority of the scale, but there’s a skeletonized orange G-10 onlay set on top, which looks cool and helps the knife remain visible if misplaced.

The Field Dog is among the first new products to come out of the TOPS shop in 2023 – but the company has been busy in other ways. They did OEM work for CRKT recently, producing the Kaila Cumings-designed Bugsy fixed blade.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Field Dog

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