CKF Releases Update for Modern Two-Hand Opening Knife

Custom Knife Factory’s latest release is the Makosha two-hand opening folder. The knife is an upgraded version of the previously released Veksha knife, and the second in CKF’s Troika series.

According to CKF Founder Mike Kulygin, Troika series of models are modern throwbacks to the traditional Belka knife. In some ways this was equivalent to the Opinel or Douk-Douk for men of a certain age in Russia. “All knives are tribute to the old Soviet knives Belka, that every man 35 years or older was playing with in childhood,” Kulygin explains. He goes on to clarify that designer Anton Malyshev and CKF did not let respect for the original get in the way of exploring modern materials and mechanisms. “It’s not an exact copy, that’s boring, but our modern view of these legendary knives.”

As an improved version of the Veksha rather than a true sequel, the Makosha retains almost all the dimensions and characteristics of its predecessor. It uses a nail mark to open but still incorporates a modern knife’s larger size, liner lock, and current materials (titanium and carbon fiber). The blade measures 3.62 inches and is a sweeping clip point shape. Kulygin says that those who practice are able to open the Makosha one-handed, flicking at the corner of the nail mark like a thumb stud and sending the blade flying out.

“We always try to improve our knives,” continues Kulygin. “We were collecting the Veksha reviews and decided to make these minor improvements to make the knife perfect.” The changes are subtle: a thicker clip with Torx hardware, widened the chamfers to help access the liner lock, and changed the milling on the carbon fiber onlays to a fox-like pattern.

Kulygin says that the Makosha will not be the only two-hand opening knife from CKF. Next year another will follow in smaller size, with an estimated release of late 2019. Furthermore, as CKF continues to take on new challenges and projects we may see others down the line. “I like classic-looking knives,” Kulygin tells us. “Like what the coolest modern materials may bring to these old designs.”

Knife featured in image: Custom Knife Factory Makosha