Spyderco Discontinued for 2019 List Makes Calculated Cuts

It has arrived: Spyderco’s Discontinued for 2019 list has just been released. Last year’s list turned heads by its sheer size and the deep cuts it made across the board. This year’s outgoing class is about half the size of last year’s, with 22 knives on the way out.

Much of the cutlery being culled comes from the more outré portions of Spyderco’s catalog, knives that are wonderful but more specialized and idiosyncratic than the headliners. We also are seeing some knives being phased out as their sequels and upgrades debut. But, as is usually the case with a Spyderco discontinued list, there are a few surprises among the departing class, including longtime standbys that will no longer be available as of 2019.

C226GP – One Eyed Jack
The One Eyed Jack was a standout at SHOT, not only because of its Vegas-appropriate deck of cards styling but also thanks to its high fit and finish and custom knife nods like a filed backspacer. But these elements also made the One Eyed Jack somewhat of a collector’s piece right out of the box, and maybe that’s why this model, released just last year, is already on the way out.

C123TIP – Sage 2 Titanium
A true legend in the Sage series, the Sage 2 was Spyderco’s tribute to the Reeve Integral Lock. Simple, sturdy, and sophisticated, the knife has enjoyed rave reviews for years but will soon become the bailiwick of collectors, like the other discontinued Sages.

C82GP3 – D’Allara 3
The D’Allara 3 has a great blade shape and the reliable Ball Bearing Lock to set it apart. Like the A.T.R. 2, it’s clearly been designed for hard work. However, like that knife is will no longer be around in 2019, so if you want to include this in your rotation now’s the time to act.

C70GP2 – A.T.R. 2
Pure functionality through and through, the A.T.R. 2 sported the rarely seen Cobra Hood and the Compression Lock. It was a renovated rerelease of an older, discontinued Spyderco design. If you miss out on it now you might end up having to wait for an A.T.R. 3 in the future.

C101MBGP2 – Manix 2 Backlock
After some years without availability, Spyderco brought back a back lock version of the Manix 2 – briefly. There are plenty of Manix 2 models still available but from 2019 on they will all have the Ball Bearing Lock.

C187CFP2 – Rubicon 2 Carbon Fiber
The more utilitarian Rubicon 2 replaced the high-end original some years ago. If you’re sorry to see this streamlined flipper knife go, at least the Magnitude – also designed by Peter Carey – is remaining for the next year.

C202TIP – Mantra Titanium
This one shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The titanium frame lock flipper Mantra is great, but the Mantra 3 is debuting, with a similar blade shape and different materials. It looks like the Mantra 2, with its more distinctive blade shape, will be sticking around for those who want a titanium-handled Mantra.

C204GP – Pattada
One of many interesting models in Spyderco’s Ethnic Series, the Pattada is modeled after a Sardinian knife called the resolza. It’s quite a large folder, with a 3.9-inch blade and a consummately long, contoured G-10 handle.

C205GP – Lil’ Lum Chinese Folder
The famous Bob Lum designed the Lil’ Lum Chinese Folder, which has been around in one form or another for many years. If you’re interested in EDCing – or collecting – this configuration of the diminutive but distinctive folder, you better hop on it quick.

C207GP – Ouroboros
In terms of first efforts, it doesn’t come much more impressive than Paul Alexander’s Ouroboros design. Unconventional from tip to tail, it was a statement of intent from Alexander, which he delivered on in spades with his follow-up design, the Parata, which is still set to come out this year.

C215GP – EuroEdge
Another Ethnic Series discontinuation, the EuroEdge emulates traditional European swords and daggers. It’s undoubtedly a striking piece, and the materials – S30V blade steel and a distinctive G-10 handle complete with crossguard – drive that impression home. If you need to complete an Ethnic Series collection you’ll need to secure a EuroEdge fast unless you want to brave the secondary market.

Fixed Blades
Four fixed blades are also getting the 2019 cut. The Bushcraft and Junction are two mid-sized outdoors knives made with somewhat unconventional steels (O-1 and PSF27, respectively). The Pygmy Warrior is a shrunk-down version of the iconic Spyderco tactical knife, and the Sprig, designed by Phil Wilson, is a slender, all-purpose slicer that utilizes S90V blade steel.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco EuroEdge