Willumsen Teams Up With WE for Two New Folders

Mikkel Willumsen’s latest production release is the We Knife Co. Stixx, a fine-tuned EDC folder. The knife comes optimized for larger EDC knife, packs some unique Willumsen touches, and even comes accompanied by the Ryback, a companion folder with similar design cues.

“The Stixx is designed to look good and work as your trusted EDC,” Willumsen explains. In order to cope with a wide variety of cutting chores, the Stixx’s 3.4-inch blade incorporates a large finger choil below the cutting edge. Willumsen imparted his particular, technical style down to even this element of the design, opting for an angular choil cutout instead of the more usual curving shape. The blade’s general shape is an uncomplicated drop point, and the steel is We’s now-standard M390.

In outfitting the handle, Willumsen and We went for a titanium frame and bolster with lengthy carbon fiber scales. Willumsen rarely goes for small knife designs unless he’s catering to tricky global knife laws, but the Stixx keeps it reasonable in terms of weight, coming in at 4.66 oz. Willumsen says the size reflects his intentions for this particular effort. “It’s a tactical gentleman folder, it’s not designed with hunting or self defense use in mind, but I’m not saying that it can’t be used for that,” he tells us. “I think that what you see is what you get with the Stixx: high quality and max performance.”

A minimalist clip plays into this conceit as well. While sculpted from titanium like many high-end We Knife Co. offerings, the Stixx’s clip is short and narrow – an idea which Willumsen attributes to We themselves. “The clip is all WE knives idea,” he says. “I like the slim look of it.”

The Stixx debuts alongside a companion knife, the Ryback. Visually the Ryback looks very similar, but features some subtle but significant changes all across the design. Its drop point blade has been given a compound grind to strengthen the tip, and instead of the angular choil, Willumsen chose to utilize a double choil setup, with a normal curved choil cut into the blade and a deep finger groove at the front of the handle.

Stixx (Top), Ryback (bottom)

Stixx (Top), Ryback (bottom)

Knife featured in image: We Knife Co. Stixx