Classic EDC is Revisited for February’s Buck of the Month

The Buck Vantage, a popular folder from yesteryear, is getting the Buck of the Month treatment for February. The limited edition 347 Vantage comes with upgraded materials that boost performance and give it a standout look among the Vantage family.

These days, it’s not unusual to see Buck working in the modern folder genre; their 2021 catalog alone showed off several new additions in that category. But it wasn’t so long ago that Buck’s selection of contemporary designs was much thinner. The Vantage series a major attempt to fill that gap, with all the bells and whistles that the burgeoning community expected from their knives: flipper action, modern handle materials, a deep carry pocket clip, and blade steels catering to entry level and enthusiast level price points.

You can trace a direct line from the Vantage knives to subsequent releases like the Buck 110 Slim and the Sprint models. However, since its debut the Vantage series, if it hasn’t completely tapered away, has at least receded into the background. Several versions of the knife can still be had through dealers, but they are no longer listed on Buck’s own website. Thus this Buck of the Month variation should be welcomed by some who missed out on the original models, as well as those looking to see an old favorite gently renovated.

In keeping with other Buck of the Month releases, the 347 Vantage comes dressed in better materials than its standard production peers. The 3.25-inch blade’s steel is S35VN, which is still a high performance option despite being a generation out of date – and the performance will be further refined through a Paul Bos heat treat. The handles feature letterbox inlays of natural canvas Micarta, with a steel liner lock being retained from the standard version, along with the deep carry pocket clip. The 347 Vantage weighs 4 oz. on the nose.

This limited edition variant is available now and restricted to a single 500 piece run, so if it’s something you’re interested in, you better act fast. Despite its exclusivity, the 347 Vantage’s price is not outrageous at $125.

Knife in Featured Image: Buck 347 Vantage